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Frequently Asked Questions 

An Introduction to Tantra

What is Tantra?

Tantra is an art, a science, a spiritual path and a lifestyle. It is a Sanskrit word which means, to weave, to transform through methods, and to transform poison into nectar. The basic concept of this life approach is that each human being is a reflection of the entire cosmos. By entering inside one’s own subjective being with a witnessing consciousness, all aspects of the body/mind and emotions are revealed in their refined potential. The refined potential of every human being is divine. Therefore, in Tantra, the whole person is accepted as divine.

Origins of Tantra

The origins of Tantra are probably as old as the human race. However, as a teaching, it was first recorded through the scriptures of Shiva, a Tantric Master who lived between 5-7000 years ago in India. He has given to the world 112 methods of meditation which use each aspect of the human experience as a door to spiritual awakening. His life approach embraces sensual love between men and women as an integral part of the spiritual path. He has revealed the importance of an equal balance between male and female principles.

Cosmic Consciousness Through the Senses

Each aspect of being human can become a door to expanded consciousness. You can begin the Tantra path from wherever you are right now. If you have anger, you can learn a method for discovering the tremendous potential for spiritual awakening contained within that energy. If you are feeling sexual, this quality becomes a key to open all the secrets of human energy. In fact, with Tantra, each sensorial experience offers a door to cosmic consciousness.

God as Half Man, Half Woman

A depiction of God according to Tantra is Ardanareshvara, half man, half woman. In Shiva temples throughout India the object of worship is a stone carving of the female genitalia which cradles a stone carving of the male genitalia, symbolizing, among other things, the importance of the balance between feminine and masculine principles. The name given to the male genitals is Lingam, meaning wand of light. The name given to the female genitals is Yoni, meaning sacred place.

Mahamudra: Orgasm with the Universe

Spiritual awakening according to Tantra is called Mahamudra, which means ‘The Great Gesture’ arising from the experience of orgasm with the universe. The way to reach this sublime state is through the art and science of Tantric meditation. These methods have always been passed as a direct transmission from a Master. In other words, the power of the teaching is contained not in the written word, but in the oral and experiential ambience created with the presence of one who has realised Mahamudra. The practitioner of Tantra imbibes it and is transformed. This transformational process is experienced as a remembrance of one’s essential nature.

The path of spiritual awakening

Over the years there have been many ways developed to experience Tantra. Because it depends on subjective experience as a key to spiritual awakening, no dogma or religion can be made of it. It is a path for the individual, honouring the uniqueness of each human being. The Shivaistic stream from India says yes to love, yes to life and yes to sex. Nothing is considered lower, nothing higher. Every aspect of the human being is honoured.

Tantric Approach

The Tantra is based on the understanding that every man is a God and every woman is a Godess. And there very meeting has to be sacred and divine. Tantra embraces all aspects of the human being and celebrate love as a spiritual path. We are spreading the good news that the Tantra spirit is alive and easily accessible for every human being. The Tantra approach to life, love and spirituality has the power to transform this earth into a paradise here and now. As we learn to celebrate being human and embrace contradictions with meditative awareness, we become wise, joyous, sensual, innocent and sensitive.                         *Tantra Meditation Retreat creates an ambience that helps to awaken your radiant, ecstatic potential. 


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What do I bring?

Please bring atleast two sarongs/ lungis to cover your body, body butter or cream/ coconut oil, eye shade/blindfold, swiming wear, towel, notebook & pen etc.

Is this course suitable for me?

Yes! It doesn’t matter whether you work in an office, or keep the home, whether you’re a construction worker or a doctor, whether you are 20 or 90 – Tantra begins wherever you are in the moment. All that is needed is a willingness to apply awareness and love, and to jump in and try! So it’s suitable for anyone who is ready to do that.

Does it matter if I haven’t practised Tantra or meditation before?

No, Tantra begins wherever you are. All you need is a willingness to practise the methods with awareness and love. It doesn’t matter whether you have practised other forms of meditation before or not.

I’ve practised lots of Tantra. Is this course advanced enough for me?

Yes! It doesn’t matter where you are on the path. All that matters is that you are willing to practice the methods, with awareness and love, and you will go to the depth that it possible for you in this moment.

Do I need a partner to practise the meditations?

Tantra meditation can be practised alone or with a partner. You can practise Tantric meditations no matter what your situation, whether you are married, unmarried, single, in a couple, with one lover or many. All that is needed is to open yourself to the practice and it will enhance whatever is happening in your life! 

Are all the meditations about sex?

No. The goal of tantra is to bring more awareness into your senses, being in the present moment and living a meditative life. No nudity or Sexual activity is involved at the retreat.

Can I practise these meditations if I am homosexual or bi-sexual?

Yes, you can practise these meditations whatever your sexual orientation.

Does it matter what my religious or spiritual beliefs are?

No. Many spiritual masters and religions have taken inspiration from Tantra. The methods offered are just that – methods. They don’t come with any philosophy or dogma; you don’t have to believe in any particular view of the world to practise them. All you need is a willingness to give them a try!

Can I fit the practices into my busy life?

Yes. The meditations can be woven into daily life. Some take only a few minutes to practise; others may take up to an hour. And they can be done while you are carrying out the activities of your daily life.

Do I need to be in a good state of health?

For some of the meditations, yes; for some of them it doesn’t matter so much. You should be able to find something that fits with your state of health. Often there are variations you can practise depending on your physical ability.

Am I too young or too old for this course?

Many younger/older people are attracted to practise Tantra – there is no lower/upper age limit. You may need to adapt some of the meditations depending on your state of health.

What do I wear to practise the meditations?

Something loose and comfortable is best, such as the kind of thing you would wear to do exercise in. It’s best not to wear anything too tight, especially on the belly.

What do I bring?

Please bring atleast two sarongs/ lungis to cover your body, body butter or cream/ coconut oil, eye shade/blindfold, swiming wear, towel, notebook & pen etc.


WhatsApp: 7507898160